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Welcome to 3D Reference Source! Your source for FREE reference images to help you with your 3D modeling or CGI project that you’re working on! Currently there are over 100 items in the catalog with items continuously added!

My name is Shane, all images on this site have been photographed by me with my Olympus E-420 DSLR camera and edited by me. As a Blender user myself, I know how much easier it is to model with reference images behind your models, and how difficult it can be to find images you are looking for! So whether you use Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya, or any other 3D modeling software out there, I hope the FREE images I provide on my website will help you with what you need to model! I will be continuously adding more images as I find more things and take more photos!

If you want to see some of my works and models that I’ve created with Blender.. please visit my blog HERE!


You may navigate through the different categories and subcategories by mousing over the menu categories and subcategories and click on the set of images you want to view. You may also search the site with the search box on the end of the menu bar! To download, click on the image that you want, once the full size image loads, right click on the photo, and click “save imageĀ  as” (or however your browser words it)

Feel free to comment in any of the photo pages to let me know what you used them for, and feedback and suggestions are welcomed! You may also contact me through the “Contact” link below. (NO SPAMMING!)